Personal First Aid Kit: What You Should Know

You do not have to be a scientist or emergency personnel in order to put together a first aid kit. You can start with the basics and add items to your personal first aid kit as your needs change. You have to make sure that your personal first aid kit contains all the standard items that you need, at least in the most common situations you may encounter. You can refer to websites and to people who are experts in personal first aid kit preparation for more tips and guidelines on how to put one together.

Personal First Aid Kit: What to pack

There are different kinds of first aid kits such as personal first aid kit, army first aid kit, first responder kit, workplace first aid kit, or camping first aid kit. Here are the items that you need to pack for your personal first aid kit:

For reference: First aid manual that will serve as a guide

  • For injury treatment: 1 piece of butterfly wound closure, 1 piece 2×2 gauze dressing pad, 1 piece ½”x 5 yards of the tape roll
  • For Bandages: 8 pieces ¾”x3” of adhesive plastic bandages, 1 piece 1”x3” of adhesive plastic bandages, 12 pieces 3/8”x1 ½” of junior plastic bandages, 1 piece 1 ½”x 1 1/2” of patch bandage, 1 piece of knuckle fabric bandage, 1 piece of fingertip fabric bandage
  • For Medicine: 2 pieces of ibuprofen, 2 pieces of non-aspirin tablets that have extra strength
  • For Antiseptics: 1 piece of antibiotic ointment package, 4 pieces of alcohol pads
  • For packaging: 1 piece resealable plastic case


The above items for a personal first aid kit are good for minor injuries such as burns, cuts, scrapes, and other minor pains. The contents of a personal first aid kit are essential so make sure that you have all the items that you may require in emergencies. However, if you want to customize or specialize your personal first aid kit for your specific needs, you may do so. For instance, you can add other items that will suit the specific needs of your family members who have special medical needs. Older members of the family need specific medical paraphernalia and prescription drugs. You need to pack their own personal first aid kit that includes their medications and other stuff just right for them. Babies need special items as well such as petroleum jelly, mosquito repellant for babies, and other stuff that you can pack for their own personal first aid kit.

You need to make sure that the contents of your personal first aid kit are checked for the expiration dates. You should also replenish the items that you will use. However, if you will buy a pre-packed and prepared a personal first aid kit, it will normally expire every four years. To save on money and time, replace only what are about to expire and needs to be replenished. You do not need to buy a new one every four years.

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