Hello, my name is Ingrid. I’m twenty-four years old. I live in Providence, Rhode Island but I originate from the south-west. I started this blog to document my thoughts and feelings about earthquake survival and preparedness. I have been quite interested in this topic since the earthquake hit Haiti back in 2010. I have never experienced a massive earthquake in my short life, but I’ve met many people who have.

On top of being quite passionate about earthquake survival, I am also a political sociology major who has interests in world affairs. Additionally, I am a big fan of hiking and camping in the spring and summer months with my brother and my friends. From being an outdoor enthusiast, I have gathered a great deal of knowledge about wilderness survival and have been expanding it to cover various natural disasters that impact our world daily recently. I hope to share my knowledge of survival skills with all kinds of people so they can apply it to their own lives or perhaps to disasters that may occur sometime in their lifetime.

In the future, I hope to be a political analyst or journalist documenting critical situations throughout the world. I am working toward a goal, and this site is a small step to prepare myself to document facts, feelings, and thoughts about such matters in the future. I hope that it bids to be interesting for many,