How earthquake readiness can save lives

Did you know that an earthquake readiness plan is one of the things that you need to have in your home? You might have noticed that more and more earthquakes and natural disasters are starting to happen. With each passing day, progressively more people are being negatively affected by such events. You might have experienced some of these disasters before.

For instance, many people have experienced a very strong earthquake in their lifetime. You might remember some of the earthquake and fire drills that you may have occurred while in school. You may vaguely recall how your teacher instructed you to cover your head with your hands and duck under a sturdy table or in a doorway or corner. Also, you may remember how they never fail to remind you that you should keep yourself calm so that you can think clearly without panicking.

Yes, these things are good to know, especially if the earthquakes tend to happen while you are away from home. However, as time passes, you should start considering expanding your knowledge about what you need to do in order to ensure your safety. You should also consider learning about how to establish the safety of your loved ones.

How to test your earthquake readiness plan

You will need to put your earthquake readiness checklist to the test before you settle for it. You should take into consideration the different scenarios that may arise when an earthquake happens. Look around your house. What do you see? Do you observe some furniture or fixtures that can pose a hazard once an earthquake occurs? If you do, you should either remove them or put them in a location where they can do less harm.

Another thing you can do is hold fire and earthquake drills for your family just so you know whether or not they really are aware of the things that they need to do. You might think of it as something funny at first, but it will be incredibly useful in measuring the level of understanding of your family members about what to do when it comes to emergency situations.

Concrete steps that would ensure earthquake safety

What are some of the things that you need to prepare in order to enforce your safety procedures? You have to make sure that those things are easily accessible and can be easily grabbed when you or your family is in immediate danger. You should also make a kit that contains all of the essential supplies such as water, food, extra clothing, and medical first aid supplies. You can also draw up or print out your evacuation plans and other important contact members so they can be easily distributed throughout your household. Keep in mind the lives that can be saved and properties that can be preserved if people would know what to do in earthquake situations.

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