Create a basic 3 day survival kit

A consideration for building a survival kit is what forms of events you plan for. You are going to most likely tailor your kit to match your specific needs and goals. I am covering merely the fundamental aspects of what you need for many events. This may not cover every event, and also you can’t aspect in every possible scenario. However, if you have a crisis kit or basic survival kit in place you will already be better prepared than most of the people when a catastrophe occurs.


You’ll need some type of bag to hold your entire survival components of, otherwise you lack a survival kit, you’ve got a pile of stuff. Having a stack of things will not work if you should vacate hastily for unexpected expenses situation. Having my way through a GOOD (Escape Dodge) Bag can be a superior idea if you want to relocate promptly. Do you really need the best survivalist backpack or will that smelly old bag benefit your survival kit storage? Using a proper backpack will provide advantages like simple moving when you are traveling around on foot but ready to put your kit together until you acquire the best backpack is not a smart idea. Getting your entire items together in a few form of bag that could be grabbed and carried around quickly is much more important. However, 5 plastic shopping bags or that big suitcase you’ve got from a mother probably aren’t planning to satisfy the portability criteria. You should have a sufficient size bag that will fit enough survival equipment for 72 hrs minimally. A substantial bag is capable of doing the trick before you pick which backpack system meets your requirements and budget the best.


Clean refreshing water, it isn’t just to the health buff within you. What’s more, it doubles like a lifesaver whenever you lack the convenient use of liquids for that ever-important game we call life. Many survival guidelines point out that you ought to have 1 gallon per person each day. If your survival kit will be portable then you definitely should probably choose the minimum of a single liter per person every day. The gallon jugs would use up too much room, leaving not enough space for other essential items, and would add an extra 25 pounds as to what you should carry. Since your survival kit is going to provide a minimum of 3 days, you should pack three 1 liter bottles of water. Next, you ought to pack a few items that will aid with water collection and purification. A collapsible water bucket may help you gather water from a stream or collect rain running from your shelter, plus it takes up almost no room in your survival kit. Purification can be as straightforward as boiling water on the fire you have made and utilizing iodine tablets or can get more in-depth using filters. You should boil water for 5 minutes minimum but 20 mins. can be a … Read more...

Personal First Aid Kit: What You Should Know

You do not have to be a scientist or emergency personnel in order to put together a first aid kit. You can start with the basics and add items to your personal first aid kit as your needs change. You have to make sure that your personal first aid kit contains all the standard items that you need, at least in the most common situations you may encounter. You can refer to websites and to people who are experts in personal first aid kit preparation for more tips and guidelines on how to put one together.

Personal First Aid Kit: What to pack

There are different kinds of first aid kits such as personal first aid kit, army first aid kit, first responder kit, workplace first aid kit, or camping first aid kit. Here are the items that you need to pack for your personal first aid kit:

For reference: First aid manual that will serve as a guide

  • For injury treatment: 1 piece of butterfly wound closure, 1 piece 2×2 gauze dressing pad, 1 piece ½”x 5 yards of the tape roll
  • For Bandages: 8 pieces ¾”x3” of adhesive plastic bandages, 1 piece 1”x3” of adhesive plastic bandages, 12 pieces 3/8”x1 ½” of junior plastic bandages, 1 piece 1 ½”x 1 1/2” of patch bandage, 1 piece of knuckle fabric bandage, 1 piece of fingertip fabric bandage
  • For Medicine: 2 pieces of ibuprofen, 2 pieces of non-aspirin tablets that have extra strength
  • For Antiseptics: 1 piece of antibiotic ointment package, 4 pieces of alcohol pads
  • For packaging: 1 piece resealable plastic case


The above items for a personal first aid kit are good for minor injuries such as burns, cuts, scrapes, and other minor pains. The contents of a personal first aid kit are essential so make sure that you have all the items that you may require in emergencies. However, if you want to customize or specialize your personal first aid kit for your specific needs, you may do so. For instance, you can add other items that will suit the specific needs of your family members who have special medical needs. Older members of the family need specific medical paraphernalia and prescription drugs. You need to pack their own personal first aid kit that includes their medications and other stuff just right for them. Babies need special items as well such as petroleum jelly, mosquito repellant for babies, and other stuff that you can pack for their own personal first aid kit.

You need to make sure that the contents of your personal first aid kit are checked for the expiration dates. You should also replenish the items that you will use. However, if you will buy a pre-packed and prepared a personal first aid kit, it will normally expire every four years. To save on money and time, replace only what are about to expire and needs to be replenished. You do not need to buy a new one every four years.

Personal First Aid


The Importance of an Earthquake Management Plan

Whether you are working in an office or just staying at home, you need to know about the earthquake risk management plan that is being implemented by authorities. You have to know the exact things that you need to do when an earthquake occurs. You need to know the different escape routes that you can take. You should know the different evacuation centers that you and your family can go to in case your house goes down. You need to know the different risks that you will probably face so that you can prepare yourself. You have to keep yourself informed about such things because of the lack of knowledge on the important details can put your life in danger.

If you observe the earthquakes that have occurred in the past, you would notice that they are getting stronger and affecting more people. There have been a lot of deaths because of the lack of information about disaster management for earthquake cases. Knowledge is a very powerful tool that enables people to adjust to the different difficult situations. People who have adequate knowledge about the things that they have to do during disasters have a better chance of survival compared to those who don’t.

How to come up with effective earthquake management procedures

It does not matter whether you know about the management of earthquake evacuation plans. You do not have to be an expert to know the things that you and your family should do during an earthquake.

The first thing that you should do is take a look at your environment and your house. You should take note of the dangerous hazards that surround you. Do you live near a fault line? Do you live near a large body of water? Is your area prone to developing cracks after a really strong earthquake?

By answering those questions, you would have a better idea about the things that you need to do. You should make sure that you are prepared for the different situations that you might find yourself in. You can also prepare emergency kits that you can use to easily access the things that you might need.

Disseminate your earthquake management plan right now

Of course, your plans would be of no use if you and your family do not know how to use it. You can also involve the members of your family in the creation of your earthquake disaster management so that they have a deeper understanding of your plan. You should schedule a meeting with them to discuss the important details of your earthquake management plan.… Read more...

Be Prepared for a Disaster with an Earthquake Bag

Having a survival bag within your reach during a disaster can turn out to be very useful. If you have experienced being devastated by an earthquake before, it is most likely that you know how hard it is to cope with situations like that. First of all, you may not have access to the basic amenities that you need in order to survive. In time, you will run out of food or water as well. Electricity may be unavailable because in most earthquakes the power lines get knocked down. You may not be able to communicate with other people to send distress calls because phone lines would also be down.

For example, if you experience an earthquake, there is a possibility that it will be strong enough to cause great damage to your home and surrounding areas. Roads may be destroyed and houses may fall apart. It would be very difficult for you to go out and buy food or other supplies that you need. Having the necessary supplies by your side before an earthquake strikes would solve many problems that can arise afterward.

Where Should You Keep Your Earthquake Bag

There are several places where you can choose to keep your emergency bags. If you would like to keep one at home, you should not keep it in your garage. Going out while a storm or earthquake is raging can be quite dangerous. In case you would need to get the bag during the disaster, it will be very difficult for you to retrieve if it is kept in an inaccessible place. Aside from that, there is the possibility that an earthquake could happen when you are away at home. It is important to let your other family members know where they can find the emergency kits that they can use. You should take note, though, that you have to inform your children about the proper use of the items in the kits.

Important Contents to Have in Your Earthquake Bag

You should know that a well-packed earthquake go bag contains all the essentials. In your bag, you should have a good supply of food and potable water, as well as something that can get the attention of rescuers such as flares or an airhorn. Another important item that is important to have is a source light that can double as a warmth. Finally, you should include personal necessities such as any medications or items that can comfort young children.

If you are unfamiliar with the process of preparing an emergency kit, you can see for professional guidance; check out safety and survival websites on the Internet, these websites will provide you with the information and instruction to guide you in the right direction. On the other hand, you can purchase a pre-made go bag that many sites sell in online stores.… Read more...

More Deadly Natural Disasters Have Been Occurring Recently

You may have noticed how recent natural disasters have caused great devastation to many people. These storms keep on getting stronger and the rains keep on getting heavier. The floods are also reaching levels that are higher than ever. A lot of properties are being damaged and a lot of lives are being disrupted or lost. People have a hard time starting all over again if they would not be able to save anything at all.

The government has not been lacking in terms of informing and warning the people about the different disasters that may happen in the near future. All that is left for the people to do is to pay close attention to what they are saying, take a close look at their surroundings, and prepare the things that they might need even before the disaster strikes. In doing so, you would be more informed about the things that could possibly happen. Aside from that, it would increase your chances of getting through a disaster without much suffering or discomfort.

What are some of the acts of nature that you have to watch out for? First of all, you should take into consideration your current location. If you live near a large body of water, you should consider going to a farther place, since tsunamis and storm surges can happen. Alternately, if you live in an area that is prone to landslides and flooding, you might also want to go to a safer location. You might also want to keep tabs on the announcements that are coming from your local government. There is a high possibility that they are enforcing evacuation plans in order to ensure the safety of the citizens.

How to deal with sudden current natural disasters

What would you do if a disaster suddenly strikes your home? The best thing that you should do is to stay alert. You should have prepared the things that you can possibly need beforehand. These include the common supplies that you would need in order to keep yourself nourished and hydrated. It would also help if you can prepare some of the things that you can use to deal with accidents that may happen. For example, you should include a first-aid kit in the supplies that you are going to keep.

Another thing that you should consider doing is keeping all the things that you need in a single container, such as a backpack. You should just make sure that the backpack would be strong and big enough to house the different objects that you need. You can also opt to choose one that is waterproof.

Do not let the worst natural disasters ruin your life

You should always think about your safety whenever an untoward incident such as an earthquake happens. Yes, these events may cause great inconvenience to you. However, preparing for such disasters would keep such events from making a permanent impact on your way of life. Yes, your house might break down or your … Read more...

How earthquake readiness can save lives

Did you know that an earthquake readiness plan is one of the things that you need to have in your home? You might have noticed that more and more earthquakes and natural disasters are starting to happen. With each passing day, progressively more people are being negatively affected by such events. You might have experienced some of these disasters before.

For instance, many people have experienced a very strong earthquake in their lifetime. You might remember some of the earthquake and fire drills that you may have occurred while in school. You may vaguely recall how your teacher instructed you to cover your head with your hands and duck under a sturdy table or in a doorway or corner. Also, you may remember how they never fail to remind you that you should keep yourself calm so that you can think clearly without panicking.

Yes, these things are good to know, especially if the earthquakes tend to happen while you are away from home. However, as time passes, you should start considering expanding your knowledge about what you need to do in order to ensure your safety. You should also consider learning about how to establish the safety of your loved ones.

How to test your earthquake readiness plan

You will need to put your earthquake readiness checklist to the test before you settle for it. You should take into consideration the different scenarios that may arise when an earthquake happens. Look around your house. What do you see? Do you observe some furniture or fixtures that can pose a hazard once an earthquake occurs? If you do, you should either remove them or put them in a location where they can do less harm.

Another thing you can do is hold fire and earthquake drills for your family just so you know whether or not they really are aware of the things that they need to do. You might think of it as something funny at first, but it will be incredibly useful in measuring the level of understanding of your family members about what to do when it comes to emergency situations.

Concrete steps that would ensure earthquake safety

What are some of the things that you need to prepare in order to enforce your safety procedures? You have to make sure that those things are easily accessible and can be easily grabbed when you or your family is in immediate danger. You should also make a kit that contains all of the essential supplies such as water, food, extra clothing, and medical first aid supplies. You can also draw up or print out your evacuation plans and other important contact members so they can be easily distributed throughout your household. Keep in mind the lives that can be saved and properties that can be preserved if people would know what to do in earthquake situations.… Read more...

Reasons why an earthquake survival bag is essential nowadays

There are a lot of disasters that happen these days, and people most likely find it hard to survive if they do not have an earthquake survival bag. You might think that you do not need to prepare your own emergency survival bag since the government would be there to help you out if you are in trouble. Yes, it is true that there are rescue teams that would come to get you after an earthquake ensues.

However, there is no guarantee that they will be able to aid you right away. You should keep in mind that there are other people who would need to receive immediate attention too. Experts note that you should expect help to come after 72 hours or more. You would have a hard time surviving through those long hours if you do not have the essential equipment and supplies that you can use.

It is important to keep your earthquake survival bag up to date

You might have invested in some expensive survival tools and equipment. While that is a really good start, you should keep in mind that you have to make sure that your supplies are replenished and are updated from time to time. It would be very disappointing to find out in the middle of a storm or right after a really strong earthquake that the medical supplies that you have been used up or expired. You should also make sure that the 2012 survival gear that you have purchased is still working or is at least in a good condition.

Aside from that, you have to make sure that the food supply that you have would be more than enough for you and your family. There is a possibility that you have forgotten to replace the food items that you have consumed during the last disaster that you experienced. You would also have to check if you have enough water. Water is one of the scarcest resources after earthquakes happen because water systems tend to get interrupted or polluted. Keeping bottled or filtered water in your earthquake survival bag is good, but you should also keep water purification tablets or the equipment needed to filter your own water in case you run out

Where to get the contents of your earthquake survival bag

If you are having trouble figuring out the different things that need to go in your bag, you should check out some of the web articles that offer helpful resources and tips for creating your own kit. More than likely, you will find a good deal of interesting and useful information on sites like those. You should not have any trouble preparing your own emergency kit. You can also just buy a pre-assembled emergency supply bag instead of buying everything separately. You would save a lot of money if you purchase your survival bag contents from actual survival and emergency preparedness store.… Read more...

An emergency backpack is an important investment

Most people fail to realize the importance of having an emergency preparedness backpack within reach. It is true that people sometimes take for granted the things that they have until they finally lose them. The same applies to the concept of safety and security. The world has become so fast-paced that people have not even stopped to prepare for the events that might happen in the future. They are often caught off-guard by the different disasters that happen. In most cases, these people are the ones who are left stranded on the roofs of their houses without any food or water.

They could have taken some time off to prepare an emergency kit before the storm or the earthquake arrived. The government has not been negligent in reminding the people about how important it is to make sure that they have prepared a comprehensive emergency kit. They have also not forgotten to remind the people to replenish the contents of their backpack.

Some uses for your emergency backpack

In what situations would you find your emergency food backpack useful? Perhaps the most common scenario would be when the storms start to arrive. There are certain times of the year wherein the weather is not too kind. Storms come by every so often, devastating hundreds of families with their arrival. If your house is located in a place that is most commonly hit by these events, it would be wise if you had a steady supply of non-perishable food. It is very likely that many other people have already bought all the food supplies that you may need.

You would also find your emergency kit useful if there is a power outage. Most storms uproot trees and destroy power lines. You and your family may be plunged into total darkness once the sun starts to set. Of course, who would want to stay in a cold, dark place? It would be good if you were to invest in equipment that would enable you to have light even when the power is down. You can keep these items in your backpack so that you will have immediate access to it.

How to prepare your emergency backpack

If you want, you can try assembling your own emergency kit. However, if you are one of those people who do not have too much time on their hands, you can visit other websites that can provide you with everything that you might need. There are now online stores that offer ready-made emergency kits. You can easily purchase from them if you do not have the time to come up with an emergency backpack checklist on your own.… Read more...

Family Survival Kit – A Great Idea

Every day may seem like a typical day, people go about their business not really thinking about what could happen if they were caught in an emergency situation. Of course, these situations cannot be predicted, but when it does happen most people go into a state of panic. As an alternative to everyone panicking or even starting a state of great shock you can be prepared. Americans have come to realize that they simply cannot count on rescue officials to help every household in case a tragedy strikes. Do not solely rely on the government to send help to you when a catastrophe strikes.

At this time everyone should know that family emergency survival kits are perfect to possess and then survival expertise is perfect to learn. Many educated people have disaster survival kits all set obtainable packed in their houses in backpacks. The reason you will need an individual’s emergency kit currently packed in a backpack can be so that it’s ready to strap on so you’ve both hands absolutely free generating your ability much more flexible. If an emergency calamity smashes out of you will be able to obtain both hands totally free and make one’s survival kit together with you. Normally the one area that you simply most definitely want to have emergency survival gear is your household for your family in the event a disastrous situation smashes out.

A family survival kit is a great idea to obtain accessible already packed in a backpack since there will be no time for you to think or prepare once a disaster happens. Perhaps you should be well prepared beforehand? When you have big family members consult with them concerning cracking set for emergency survival gear. Choose a good time to talk with your family members about buying a family survival kit. Why don’t you be well prepared beforehand? It can make great sense to obtain emergency supply packages designed for the family. Your family is vitally important for you and your home is essentially the most vital places where critical survival gear has to be obtainable.… Read more...

Earthquake Survival Skills

Among natural calamities, earthquakes are the most damaging. They are phenomena that occur out of the pressures between the tectonic plates which comprise the earth’s crust and could range in intensity from minimal tremors to vociferous shocks that fall buildings, spur tsunamis, and also expel lava from the earth’s mantle. Earthquakes present a tremendous threat to human beings due to the vulnerability of manmade infrastructure with their effects, and societies around the world have had to adopt pieces of earthquake survival skills in order to deal with the devastation they wreak.

Practice makes perfect whenever evacuating the earthquake area

For example, nations, such as Japan, which regularly experience earthquake tremors, have got a public process that is practiced with a similar consistency as fire drills in American schools and office buildings. Japan is surely an urbanized country with a lot of its population living in cities, therefore it typically holds nationwide drills so as to prepare the country for the disastrous effects of a powerful earthquake. One of the measures advised by earthquake specialists is definitely the rationing of important foods, toiletries, as well as cooking utilities. People are advised to steer clear of from houses in the course of earthquakes and, in cases where buildings cannot be stopped, citizens must have a safe cover and position themselves under sturdy furniture such as desks to be able to protect their particular heads and spines. In addition, people encountering earthquakes must cover their mouths as well as noses in order to avoid inhaling debris which could harm the lungs along with the respiratory tract. Citizens should also stay away from gas-powered ovens, heating units, and automobiles as they have the possibility to catch fire and then explode.

Earthquakes can bring other disasters along at the same time

Earthquakes likewise have the potential to result in devastating tsunamis with the possibility to wipe out everything within their wake. In 2004, Southeast Asia experienced a huge tsunami that leveled a great deal of human infrastructure and led to a huge fatality of over 230,000 people. Another tsunami that resulted from an earthquake struck Japan in April of 2011 which led to the destruction of many towns in east Japan, took the lives of over 15,000 people, and led to a nuclear meltdown of the Fukushima reactor which has left the spot uninhabitable. There are a couple of earthquake survival skills that may prepare citizens for the outcomes of a tsunami. Tsunamis are generally walls of water that contain the ability to destroy everything above ground and result in the flooding of coastal areas. The best recommendation to survive during a tsunami is to find the highest ground possible and remain there up until the waves have gone by.… Read more...